Virtual machines can be prepared for a specific target micro-controller and development toolset. Ready setup can then be copied from developer to another, which makes it is easy to get started. Or to get a tested reference to compare to when setting up your own development environment.

I have found VMware to be slightly better than Oracle’s Virtual box. The VMware workstation-player can be downloaded from VMware’s web site. It is free for non-commercial use, but the license needs to be bought to use it in business.

ESP32 development environment with tools, settings, and repositories can be downloaded as a virtual machine (26.7.2020):


If you have a problem with the virtual machine please let us know

  • The 10GB virtual machine image is stored in my Goole drive.
  • The file is compressed as .7z, so one needs 7zip, etc to uncompress it. The encryption password is “iocafe”.
  • Download VMware workstation/player (free for non-commercial use) and use it
  • This is a 64-bit virtual machine: 64-bit host operating system is needed.
  • Make sure that 64-bit virtualization is enabled in BIOS settings.
  • Virtual machine login: user “john” and password “smith333”